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πŸ’— Conrad πŸ’—

“A fantasy BL between Bayern, the emperor, and Jayden, a brave knight who is always accompanied by Conrad, the dragon!

The dark ages of oppression and fear had ended and the era of the peaceful reign of Bayern Agentiland Haus III had begun. Jayden, a knight who had returned home from his military service, happened to pick up a mysterious “egg” while wandering the street.  Jayden tried to eat the egg, but out popped a dragon! He was destined to be the babysitter of the dragon from then on. An emperor, who finds himself distrusting of dragons becasuse of ‘Hydra’, the dragon that caused terror throughout the Dark Ages… Jayden, a knight who finds himself taking care of a dragon out of the blue… What will happen in their future?! Enjoy this Romance Fantasy BL story between Bayern, the emperor, and Jayden, the knight accompanied by Conrad, the dragon!

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