[Classics] The Great Catsby

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Catsby, twenty-something nobody, loses his girlfriend to another man. A richer man. His pal Houndu treats him to wine, women and song, but there’s no forgetting the lost Persu. The thousand humiliations of youth are poured upon Catsby, who feels far too much to begin with, and whose prospects go from bad to worse. Now he’s petrified by his father, now drunk on the floor, now freaking over a blind-date, now convinced it’s all for nothing. And that’s just volume one of this groundbreaking new series. No detail however vulgar or delicate is left out as the angst of youth is beautifully dissected. Readers are in for a great surprise in the end of the story.


Here’s a must-read classics, <The Great Catsby>.

Everyone seems to be fascinated and mesmerized by its characters, that their choices, struggles, and mistakes, just remind us of our growth. It’s human. It’s humble. It’s worth reading. It might make you feel humiliated, but it’s okay. That’s the taste of youth, right? Oh, we’re still deeply touched by this beautiful webtoon to this day.

Find out yourself, and tell us which part of Catsby resonates with your heart.

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