😍 Meet Mythical Characters on NETCOMICS 🤗

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Welcome! Come and meet our charming and fascinating Mythical Characters from NETCOMICS!!

🐯 Hanwool from Biting the Tiger 🐯
🧸 Mooyoung from Dokebi Cafe 🧸
🎀 Bi from To Catch A Falling Star 🎀

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<Biting the Tiger>
https://www.netcomics.com/comic/bitingthetiger (Updated Thursdays)

<Dokebi Cafe>
https://www.netcomics.com/comic/dokebicafe (Updated Wednesdays)

<To Catch A Falling Star>
https://www.netcomics.com/comic/tocatchafallingstar (Updated Tuesdays / Hiatus)

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