Hi, Webtoon Lovers!
How are you dealing with post-Con blues? 😙
If you still need to recover, or need more time to get back to “real life”, we recommend you to treat yourself to a bag of hot cheetos and your favorite webtoon! You only have less than a year until the next Comic Con. Teehee.

Thanks for coming by everyone, it was so good to see our NETCOMICS users in person and casually *but we serious* share ideas and stories. We’d like to say that there was a wide range of people we met at NYCC19, from webtoon newbies meeting Korean webtoon for the first time, they showed a great interest in our main titles <The Keystone Romantic Combination>, <The Warehouse>, and <The Maid and the Vampire>, (we will never forget some of the reactions to The Warehouse art…) BL fans, Fantasy lovers, to our loyal customers 😚

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<The Keystone Romantic Combination>
<The Warehouse>
<The Maid and the Vampire>

Tons of great freebies soon ran out, we even had to make more postcards for the next day! 🤩
<Intense> and <Totally Captivated> ranked top #1 & 2 on Books. Good purchase, guys.
If you missed this chance at NYCC19, follow the link below!

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<Totally Captivated>; colored edition.

Hello, and Goodbye NYCC19.
NETCOMICS will be attending K-Expo convention this coming November,
see you business people @showcase!

Awesome cosplay.

Our normal life is supposed to be boring. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be…. with NETCOMICS 😋

See you soon.

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