[New Chapter] Merin the Mermaid Ch. 21

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“A tragic romance about a mermaid loving a prince and a princess being engaged to his brother!”

A mermaid falls in love with the prince Lewen while trying to feed on his heart. She decides to spare him and to die herself. Cursed by another mermaid, the mysterious beauty winds up at Lewen’s palace as a human. Not being able to speak and express her love for Lewen, she is taken care of and renamed Merin by Lewen, who doesn’t recognize her. At the palace, there is also Lewen’s older brother Lewinel, who brings home his loving prospective queen, princess Irena of the powerful Ladivita, to restore his impoverished kingdom Erenbur. But Lewinel, kind and well-mannered, doesn’t realize that Lewen is planning malicious intrigues that could destroy everybody’s future…✨

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