[New Release] Daisy – How to Become the Duke’s Fiancée

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💍Daisy – How to Become the Duke’s Fiancée💍

Get Married for Just Three Years and Receive 5 Million Dollars vs. Work Without Pay for 60 years

What would be Daisy’s choice?

“I’ll work as your contract wife. I’ll be a good partner to you.”

A marriage of convenience on hot terms. The terms of the contract are simple. Must agree not to fall in love. A guaranteed expedited divorce after three years. Most of all, it is absolutely forbidden to make your husband fall for you.

“The men in my family specialize in homicidal crimes of passion.”

Daisy has an unhappy past life as a scumbag’s mistress. She dies pitifully after a life full of regret.

When Daisy returns back in time for some reason, she works hard to change her life. And one day, an opportunity comes to her by accident.

“But why me? There are plenty of women in the world.”

“Because you’re against marriage.”

But there is a problem. The fake husband is hot and alluring.

‘Why do you have to be so handsome?’

Why are your eyes filled with terror, sweetness, and passion when you look at me?

Would she and her husband be able to maintain their stance against marriage?

Having such a handsome husband is distracting, but I’ll focus on making my business successful first.

The story of Daisy—how a poor, low-ranking noblewoman who could give up neither on her love nor work becomes the Duchess of the Empire.

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