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πŸ’‹ Noona Fan

“Ara Cho is a 30-year-old woman who owns a decent restaurant, but in secret, she’s crazy about Joon Min, a member of the boy band β€œShooting Stars”!”

Ara is running a famous traditional Korean restaurant in Gangnam. She scouts Hyun to manage the restaurant more professionally.  However, there had been an ulterior motive behind Ara’s action. In fact, Hyun is an elder brother of Joon! It was her plan to get closer to Joon with the help of his brother, Hyun.
Now, Ara has to lead her double life as a crazy fan-girl and the successful business owner while facing the manager who looks exactly like her lovely Joon!
Will Ara be able to hide her true identity while achieving her goal at the same time?
But then, Ara came to realize that she can’t take her eyes off Hyun, and now, her plan starts to fall through.

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