[New Release] Romantic Special – On The Emperor’s Lap

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Hi, Webtoon Lovers!

[On the Emperor’s Lap]
& [An Egoistic Embrace] by Medibang] is coming Oct 3!

We try to offer our readers a wide range of selections and styles, and
here are two very different love stories presented by NETCOMICS. 💫

“He abandoned me as a child, and I lost my voice. When I was reunited with him I was already broken.”

[On the Emperor’s Lap] is based on a famous web novel <On The Emperor’s Lap> that attracted 440k readers in Korea, it is a heartbreaking romantic fantasy story of a war orphan and the emperor who share the painful secrets from their childhood.


A high-teen love story, [An Egoistic Embrace], is a collection of five delicately written pieces describing the thoughts and feelings of men and women caught in the tangles of love. You’ll want to fall in love, too!

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