[New Release] Salad Days

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πŸ’“ Salad Days πŸ’“

β€œThis worthless love! Why is it only difficult for me?!!!”

Jooah, Hyunah and Yeoim are university students who are in relationships.

Jooah has a handsome and perfect boyfriend but is disheartened by the fact that he prioritizes his work before her, Hyunah has been in a relationship with her boyfriend long enough that it has become boring and has thrown a sweet, soft and heart fluttering romance to the dogs, Yeoim struggles with complicated family circumstances and an immature boyfriend.

Who said that romance in the twenties is only flashy and beautiful!

Getting hurt and giving hurt, there’s nothing as clumsy and unstable… This love like war that makes one feel like they are flying in the sky and then brings them crashing down to ground. The bittersweet love story of three female protagonist unfolds!

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