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Hi, Webtoon Lovers!

New Release of [The Warehouse] has arrived today, Sept 17!
We’re obsessed with amazing plot twists already… Say Hello to your new obsession.



His Twisted Desire To Be Remembered Reaches the Pitch of Obsession

Dohyun grows himself a thick skin to survive this harsh, corrupt world. The future is dark though, and he wakes up in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Next thing he knows is a scar-faced kidnapper touching him and forcing him to remember, yet everyone has blurry faces in Dohyun’s memory. Measuring the thin line between love and obsession leaves them a bitter taste in the mouth, and they don’t know if they are going to be either saved, or ruined.

Read the first chapter of this sensational, intense BL Romance piece [The Warehouse] today, and share your first impressions!

The Warehouse is now available on NETCOMICS.com, follow the link below.
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