[Surprise] Collide – Side Stories up!

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🎊🎊 The Collide – Side Stories are finally here!! 🎊🎊

We almost couldn’t hold ourselves back to tell you earlier!! 🤗🤗🤗

We are so happy to announce that the 18+ Collide – Side Stories from the amazing author Wann are now online!!

👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/collidesidestories

🎉 After accidentally crashing into each other and falling hard, Moowon and Joy, two star-crossed lovers brought together by chance, promise to love one another forever. At first, Moowon finds himself inexplicably passionately drawn to Joy because of a mutation in her DNA, but eventually feels himself falling for her for real. After winning the last battle with Roctor, they are now finally able to get some much-longed for alone time. The powerful and steamy collision between Moowon and Joy awaits you in <Collide>, the side stories. Discover it for yourself! 🎉

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