[Update] The Warehouse

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And see how the story of the obsessive kidnapper Sungho and his victim Dohyun develops!!

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🔗See how it all started: Dohyun is living an average life in an increasingly degenerated world. After taking a smoke break, he suddenly wakes up at a gym warehouse being tied up. Dohyun is stuck in the nightmare fantasy of his poker-faced but familiar kidnapper Sungho. By reviving his memories of his old high school gym warehouse, Dohyun tries to find out who tortures him. His delusional kidnapper viciously recreates past occurrences that happened there. While trying to win the upper hand, Dohyun unleashes even more of Sungho’s controlling energy. When Dohyun collects more and more pieces of the puzzle, he realizes that there is a deeper issue of careless behavior to the whole story…

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