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1. verb
If two or more moving people or objects collide, they crash into one another. If a moving person or object collides with a person or object that is not moving, they crash into them.

This 5-star extraordinary fusion-drama with a combination of fantasy action & romance [Collide] will satisfy everyone, especially those who are tired of cliché love stories.


It’s Destiny.
Genes. Superpowers. And their irresistible love, too.

The superhumans were secretly continuing the war, manipulating the world in their hands. Meanwhile, Joy becomes their target because of her unknown genetic traits. By destiny, Joy gets involved in a war of superhumans, and Moowon, a top-class superhuman, is sent to protect her. Moowon grows feelings for Joy, but he is not so sure what it is about Joy other than her genetic traits that makes him want her more.

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