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I know you need a refreshment every once in a while, um, like, beautiful faces.

[Prince Bari] will introduce you to Yohan, Donga, Yoonsung, Chunho.
The hilarious, warm-hearted, dramatic four will invite you to the life of spirits, shaman, and a normal human being who got involved with a big adventure. In the latest chapters, four have become a family, and together, they learn to understand other peoples’ sorrow. They find the source of the grudge and continue on solving problems. As their emotions with each other grow bigger, and deeper, they’re finding love, friendship, and trust. However, there are also secrets and heartbreaking story between two estranged, lonely creatures transcending time that were unveiling after hundreds of years.

For big fans out there who would love to meet them in a paperback edition, we’re publishing vol. 3 soon!
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Here are some comments big fans made on Prince Bari since the very first chapter 😃

We’re all impatient for new chapters, @kamiyoukai #FeelYa
Yes, Happiness Doubled. @roxana
Yes, pleeease!! But how do we all have Donga. I’ll buy her a café Mocha. #mine

🎈 Season 3 (ch.69) will be released on Sept 30!

Prince Bari ch.68 is now available on NETCOMICS.com, follow the link below.
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