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[ Prince Bari ]
A hilarious fantasy drama between Spirits, Shaman and a normal human being who got involved with a big adventure
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/princebari

[ The Maid and the Vampire ]
The spine-tingling romance between a high school girl and the Vampire in a strange world
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/themaidandthevampire


[ On the Emperor’s Lap ] 💥NEW
“He abandoned me as a child, and I lost my voice. When I was reunited with him I was already broken.”
A heartbreaking, fantasy romance of the two wounded souls finding their way back to each other again.
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/ontheemperorslap

[ To Catch a Falling Star ] *Season 1 Completed
A deadly love triangle between two men and a charming fox with nine tails, who time traveled to the present.
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/tocatchafallingstar

[ The Warehouse ] 💥NEW
His Twisted Desire To Be Remembered Reaches the Pitch of Obsession…
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/thewarehouse


[ Dokebi cafe ]
An unusual story of a high school girl who discovers the past in a mysterious cafe where the lost souls connect
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/dokebicafe

[ Visiting Korea ] FREE
Get great travel tips for a fun and safe trip. This kind guide will make you feel like a local wherever you go.
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/visitingkorea

[ It’s not Love] *New Update
“It’s simply passion and sexual desire. A firework that will soon die out. It’s not love–!”
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/itsnotlove


[ A Good Day To Go Crazy ]
First day, a TV celebrity. Second day, a Human. Third Day, my Love.
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/agooddaytogocrazy

[ Specter Wars ] *next update TBD
A war against  specters running rampant during the chaotic Joseon Dynasty
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/specterwars

[ Biting the Tiger ]
Sweet yet strong, wounded yet recovering love story of Yunho & Hanwool
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/bitingthetiger


[ The Keystone Romantic Combination ] 💥NEW
Wholesome romantic comedy of the baseball genius and the baseball mediocre
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/thekeystoneromanticcombination
[ I Have a Boyfriend ]
A clumsy, nostalgic & bittersweet campus love story
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/ihaveaboyfriend
[ Collide ]
It’s Destiny. Genes. Superpowers. And their irresistible love, too.
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/collide
[ Living with The Wizard ]
Lilac is a 26 year old job applicant. She starts this mysterious game, and the character pops out of the screen!
👉 https://www.netcomics.com/comic/livingwiththewizard

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