[Free Toon] Korean Cooking

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Hi, Webtoon Lovers!

Do you love cooking? 👩‍🍳 Are you an adventurous eater? 🥢
Do you love Korean food? 🥘 …do you just LOVE cats? 🐈
Start making home-cooked meals today with two chill, modern-day cats.


Carefully-selected Korean cuisine bucket list is ready for you. From most popular Korean dish; Bibimbap, to 4 different types of Kimchi!
Just scroll & follow Bean & Weed‘s recipes, step-by-step. They will make you smile with their wit. Cute illustrations are a bonus.
Enjoy useful cooking tips for busy/lazy people. 😁 #guilty

Finding time to cook with a busy schedule can be challenging.
Just remember, there is no need to rush, no pressure to impress.
There is deliciousness, comfort & Happy “You“, doing something nice for yourself, or for the people that you love. 💕

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