[Webtoon 101] Your Webtoon Starter Guide: Origins of Webtoon

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Hi, Webtoon Lovers!

Today we’ll talk about the terms we use to call our favorite art, often called “Manga” or “Manhwa”, and the difference between those and “Webtoon”.

Time to +1 to your webtoon nerd score! Teehee. 😁

By the way, did you know that NETCOMICS’s parent company ‘Ecomix Media’ started Korea’s first internet comics service in 1998? (Which has become today’s “WEBTOON”!) Yes, we are very proud to be the pioneer in the market. ⛵ It’s been our pleasure to serve our readers with what we love, for such a long time 😊

OK. Let’s start off with “Manga”. Manga is the general Japanese term for comics and print cartoons. When the same old Chinese word is pronounced in Korean, that is “Manhwa”! For some manga lovers, Manga usually refers to Japanese comics, and Manhwa refers to Korean comics. And NETCOMICS has published both Japanese/Korean comics.

@_@? (What is “Anime” then? The word “Anime” is the Japanese term (shortened) for “Animation”. Manga is typically printed in black-and-white, Anime is a blanket term to refer to all forms of animation. 💡) #AboutDETAILS #ThankYouWikipedia

Webtoon is a type of digital comics. Basically, Webtoon is a transformed way Korean teens and millennials read comics for over the past decade. And it’s been rolling out all over the world. It lets you scroll vertically up and down on your monitor screen, or at your fingertips using smartphones! What a world of convenience we live in, right?!

Knowledge feels good. Hope this helped some new webtoon readers with its confusing terms. 🐣

But then, do the terms matter?

Call it Webtoon, Manga, Manhwa, … it doesn’t matter as long as it’s your inspiration, something you look forward to after a long day, stress relief, art appreciation, or whatever you want it to be!  



Scrollin’ 😊




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